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Bhavna Nagendra

Sawadee has an absolutely delicious vegan menu that brings all your senses alive - just the way a meal should be. Being a vegetarian who is allergic to cheese, butter and mushroom my only option available when we ordered in was paneer. Sawadee changed this for me and more importantly they have healthy options for my 3 year old too! Being a conscious consumer and a sustainable living enthusiast myself, seeing their packaging touched my heart. All their packaging are eco-friendly and most of them are reusable. It’s my go to option when I have guests at home so I have literally tried everything on the menu. The unanimous opinion is that the food is absolutely delicious without an exception. I personally love the spring rolls with peanut sauce, tom kha soup and pineapple fried rice. The quantity served is also exactly what they mention it to be and they are more than happy to work with you on customising or creating meal options that suit your needs! Thank you Sawadee for creating numerous menu options for the likes of me and hosting less daunting 😂!