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About Us

Identifiable for its extraordinary assortment of rich flavours and tastes, including all combinations of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter, Thai food makes a global stand for its exclusive zest and variety.

Apart from the many vibrant tastes of the patented succulence of Thai food, many are attracted to Thai cuisine for its nutritional content.

With an aim to offer authentic, Thai vegan food in Bangalore, The Thai Vegan Kitchen was conceptualised by Nandu Asrani, a committed vegan. Interacting with the locals in Thailand and savouring the food on his multiple trips made him realise his love and passion towards Thai cuisine. He trained under two Thai Vegan Chefs in Bangkok. He wanted to bring a concept to Bangalore that offered a unique food experience whilst being compassionate towards the planet.

All our dishes are authentically prepared on a pre- order basis and served/delivered to you, ensuring zero stale period. At TVK, each meal is prepared with utmost love and care by our team of trained female cooks

We make all sauces, curry pastes and dips in-house with fresh ingredients without the use of preservatives and artificial colours.

The curry pastes, sauces and CIY (Cook in yourself Thai curry kits ) are also available online, pan India at

Our restaurant is a quaint 40 seater with both indoor and outdoor seating amidst greenery and rustic surroundings.

For takeaways and deliveries, our tasty meals come in containers that have a minimal environmental impact. All our packaging is eco-friendly, microwavable and devoid of plastic.

Come, discover authentic Thai cuisine.

“Veganism is Magic”

Karan Asrani


Kunal Asrani